The created-faux presence of a progressive Jesus. 

Scrolling down the halls of Facebook this morning, I ran into what I thought was a humorous satire link. 

“Harness the color of your stage lighting” it said! 

Discover the role that color can play in evoking an emotional response to enhance your worship. Each color plays a specific role. Learn what they each mean and how to use and combine them for the greatest effect.

Envoking an emotional response…

It was real, and this is what it’s come to. Your church may have even sent your worship leader to a conference that teaches this “harnessing.”

This progressive nonsense and frankly (forgive the “s” word) stupid thinking, is having a devastating effect on the American Church. 

It’s why we are weak. 

It’s why we are powerless. 

It’s why we’ve traded in our spiritual armor, and are getting our teeth kicked in. 

Whatever happened to just loving Jesus regardless of “stage lighting?” What happened to our awe of his majesty and authority? Frankly, if you have to have a certain color of lights mixed with the right sound to enter the King’s presence, SOMEONE is not doing their job. 

The danger of “creating His presence” is this: 

When the gates of hell fall around us (and it will) what will happen to a weak church? There won’t be a clash of music and rainbow lights at that time. There will be house churches hiding from the government in order to whisper a worship song. 

If we don’t know how to self-feed and tap into the presence of a Holy God without smoke, lights, and coffee bars….we are in a heap of trouble when the government comes after us to shut the doors of our churches.

There is something to be said about wanting to make our services more attractive to our youth. That’s an honest concern.This generation is a Twitterized 140 character, fast food, I want it now gaggle of kids. I get that. Not necessarily anything wrong with it. However, I believe this kind of conformity sets them up for massive failure when the tough times come. In this “anti-Christian world we now live in, There won’t always be lights. There won’t always be cool technology to bring people to Jesus.

There is coming a time very soon when we won’t even have church buildings to meet in. If we need lights, camera and action to attract teenagers to the power of the redeeming blood of Jesus, then the blood has lost its power. 

We all have preferences when it comes to music. I do. My preferences differ from that of my grandparents. However, if worship leaders are trying to summon the Holy Spirit by lights and technology, then our faith will not stand the persecution coming. Frankly it’s just creepy. 

Do I always feel like worship? Of course not! But 99% of the time, I find it’s because I haven’t prepared my heart to meet with the King of Kings. 

Lights don’t fix that…only I can. 

There comes a time when we need to be straight with this generation about what it means to follow Jesus. 

We need to learn how to enter his presence ANYWHERE our feet are planted because of WHO he is, and not what color the room is. Our children need to know that. 

Do we even know our Holy God? 

Have we forgotten our first love? 

Have we forgotten Jesus?  

This weekend, I attended the baptism of a precious young woman who found Jesus in a very dangerous country. Friends, she did not find him because of the red and purple ambiance of the room. She found him because she was desperately seeking a Savior who could save her from the pit she was in.

I believe with all my heart we need to return to the basics. We need to forget about being relevant. We need to forget the used car sales pitch for the Creator of the World, put on the armor of God and prepare for battle. While we pick out colors for our worship services, the enemy is targeting our marriages, our children and our homes.  

It’s time we learn to fight. 

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