The Lion with the Lost Larynx

Time for the American Church to find their voice again.

268_2997942For years, the American church has been like a lion who lost his larynx.

They’ve been super busy building massive temples filled with smoke machines, fancy lights, and enough video equipment to feed homeless shelters for a year! The church had no idea that while they were sitting in the seminars learning how to release just the “right amount” of fog during worship, the “PC” enemy was quietly slipping in the doors awaiting his moment to attack. Guess what?

That moment is here.

The church had the power to stop the enemy in his tracks, but the lion forgot he had a larynx! He forgot he was not beholden to the governmental altar of political correctness. He forgot he was not bound by chains of tyranny.

It’s time to turn off the blinding purple strobe lights and find our voice again!  

In just a few days, the Supreme Court will rule on marriage. They will decide if Americans still have the right to live out their faith in the public square, or if they will be sentenced to the walls of silence within the church building. They will decide if religious liberty is still welcome in this nation.


Rise up Church! 

Church, its time to realize who you are. You are that LION. You have a voice. You haven’t used it in a while… but it’s there. Get some salt water…gargle, and do what it takes to find your voice again.

Stand up and proclaim that we will NOT be shaken by any court ruling. We will not be bullied into submission by the government. We WILL stand and we WILL fight back to protect the rights granted to us by God Himself.

Religious liberty is the foundation of our country. Without that… it will fall.


Go to the Indiana Coalition to Protect Religious Freedom and the Indiana Pastor’s Alliance to find out what you can do to stand up.


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