The number one toxic ingredient to the Trump Administration.

There is one ingredient that will make or break the Trump presidency. If added, it will bring thriving success… if left out, it will destroy his legacy or even worse…destroy this nation.

Before I talk about that ingredient, let me award each one of you a Medal of Honor for surviving the past two years of political mud slinging and a dangerously divided America! As the shocking results trickled in election night, I think the liberal left even breathed a sigh of relief that it was over.

Congratulations America!

Just imagine what it looked like! The pollsters and drive-by media frantically scrubbed through all the data, completely beside themselves as to what happened. How did they get this wrong? Can you just imagine the faces the next morning, as the interns and the geeky number nerds were called into the executive offices and handed pink slips! WHAT HAPPENED?! The most satisfying thing of all, however, was  the American people announcing to the world at 3:30 in the morning that Hillary Clinton would not be working for us!

Oh let me say that again just for fun… Hillary Clinton will not be working for us!

Whew, that felt good!

It was simply wonderful wasn’t it? Admittedly I was not a Trump girl. In fact for about 23 minutes after the primary I was a radical #nevertrumper! Common sense got the best of me, and I knew deep in my heart, we were not voting for a President, we were voting for the next 40 years and the future to our constitutional republic. The Supreme Court bench “Trumped” my feelings for the man.  When he brought Mike Pence on the ticket, I breathed a prayer of thanks, and here we are… President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will take the oath of office on January 20th. I have absolutely no delusions that Mr. Trump is a conservative. I do not have blind faith that this nation is “fixed.” That is the purpose of my article today. However, I do know what our country would have looked like with a woman running the country from a prison cell!

A new era is here.

So how and what could be “toxic” to this new era of the intentional push for liberty?

I’m glad you asked because with this knowledge comes an incredible power. Our founders knew this power, and we’ve just seen a glimpse of it right here!

Here’s the bottom line friends. If you catch nothing else in my message to you, catch this.  The success of this campaign was the direct result of the engagement of the church. Something incredible happened. The once deadly silent pews decided they had enough of their apathy and took their place on the front line.

The church took their place on the front line!

Eighty one percent picked up their pews and went to the polls. 81%! That’s historic!


Pew Research Center

So what brought them out from under the pews? I believe the constant attack on people of faith finally got hot enough to drive people to action. I believe the voices of our leaders who were like voices in the desert sounding the alarm, drove people to action.

We saw thousands upon thousands of Americans head to their State Capitols in repentance and prayer.  If you were there, you saw it.  Repentance. Desperation. I’ll never forget right here in Indiana, the moment thousands said amen, a rainbow colored the sky.  It was breathtaking. I sensed right there that God heard our desperate cry.

The thing we have prayed and worked for was here. People of faith IN ACTION.


Barronelle Stutzman leaving the courtroom.

I experienced this first hand last week as I traveled to Washington state to stand with Barronelle Stutzman. Barronelle is the 71-year-old grandmother who was sued for not participating in a same sex wedding. She had happily served Rob for the past 10 years for all sorts of his life events.  They were friends. She just could not use her creative God given talent in his wedding to his partner.

Standing with her was an honor of a lifetime. People asked us why we chose to get on a plane and fly across the nation to stand with a grandma…. My response was, “I wouldn’t have been anywhere else in the world.” Barronelle was on trial that day… We will be on trial tomorrow.” Something happened that day.  The church showed up! I’m not even kidding! We outnumbered the left 8:1! The look on her face as she came out to face the press and saw her supporters is a look I will never ever forget.  The church showed up. They look for a mid winter ruling.  From a “student’s” perspective, I’d guess out of the nine judges only two would possibly side with Barronelle, so I fully expect this to go to the United States Supreme Court where three similar cases are waiting. For all who sent letters with me to Barronelle, she gave you a tearful thank you.

Church… let’s talk for a minute.

YOU are the ingredient that will make or break our nation. YOU have an opportunity before you that you will never have again. YOU are awake. YOU can take back what the enemy has stolen. But let me assure you… this did not happen on election night. If you choose to remain engaged and fan the flame of liberty, you will see this nation come back to her roots. If you wrongly decide that liberty rests in the hands of a president or election, you will watch it slip through your fingers.

Let me warn you now… You will NEVER get it back again.

What does President Trump have to do with this? Well, not really anything actually!  It all has to do with YOU!  You are the ingredient that will make this presidency successful. You have the power to prod, poke, and lobby your leaders to do the right thing.

Men fail.

People fail.

Leadership fails.

The success of his administration rests on you. The outcome of liberty rests on you! I write this with a burning passion to fan the flame in you to NOT give up and go back to your pews.  I write this with a desperate call for you to come join us at the front lines. The hardest job you will ever have begun the night of November 8th, 2016.  The attacks on religious freedom will still happen, if not worsen. The enemy did not pack up and give up on election night! The attack on Barronelle the florist, or Melissa Klein the baker, or Jack the printer did not go away. We must double down and finish the battle. We do not put down our sword until the end. The end happens when Christ returns.  We’ve been given a mandate. We’ve been given mercy. We’ve been given TIME.

Let’s use it to it’s fullest.  Let’s never throw it away.  YOU are the ingredient that could make or break the Trump presidency. YOU are the ingredient that could make or break our liberty.

With mercy, comes responsibility.

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