To the Indiana LGBT Community…

Liberty is our common bond.


This weekend the nation watched as our country was attacked by a man filled with hate. A radicalized Islamic terrorist killed 49 precious men and women in the LGBT community simply because he was filled with a bitter, unquenchable hatred and was devoted to his radicalized religion. As I write this, there are many more in the hospital fighting for their lives.

I watched with millions of heartbroken Americans as the media did what they do best. Divide a nation.

Through our grief, they took tragedy and spun it into a political “one group against another” fight instead of pointing to the REAL enemy. Christians were demonized, guns were blamed, and conservative groups named as if they were vicious nuclear weapons.

As this played out on our television screen and social media feeds, I realized something. The LGBT community was being used by the left as pawns to hide the real enemy of radical Islam.

Something has to change… and fast.

Instead of standing WITH this community to empower them to fight back, the political ideology and media frenzy of the left played INTO the crisis. They had a slight problem however. They found themselves in a peculiar predicament. Where do they stand? Do they call it for what it is… radical Islamic terrorism… Admit that if the people inside the club had been armed, there would have been less blood spilled….or place the blame it on something, and groups completely unrelated.

They chose the last one.

As I watched this all unfold before us like a horrible movie, I thought of several questions.

  • Can the LGBT community, conservatism, and religious freedom coexist?
  • What would happen if we decided to send the politicians, political pundits, and the media packing?
  • What would happen if we sat down to have a REAL conversation? A conversation with no political gains to be had, and no money to be made? A real conversation with fears placed on the table, and defenses down?
  • What would happen if we decided that we have a common enemy. One that threatens our very lives?

I have to wonder… would we look at each other and realized how little our differences actually are? Have we ever done this, or have we allowed the media to speak for us for so long we’ve forgotten how to communicate? I know some pretty powerful reporters and radio talk show hosts who would be out of a job if suddenly real solutions were placed on the table.

Before feathers fly, let me assure you… I KNOW we have very different ideas, values, and beliefs that will never change. That’s the beauty of living in this great nation. But should those beliefs and ideas divide us so much so that we can’t even have a conversation?

Is it possible to find that ONE thing that unites us… and start there?

Perhaps I could suggest just one.


I think we can all agree we’ve been blessed to live in a nation where we are truly free to live as we choose… to speak as we like… and free to protect ourselves.

Delightfully, we are even free to disagree with each other!

Until recently, we’ve been free to live as our conscience dictates, and free to worship God as we desire. We’ve  had the freedom to contract with whomever we choose, do business as a free market society, and associate with whom we choose.

But something has happened. We’ve allowed the media and political powers that be, to tell us we must ALL conform to an ideology and forfeit our individual liberty for which our founders died.

I don’t think our founders had this in mind when they wrote the Constitution. They knew the pendulum would swing back and forth from left to right, so they created a document with an anchor. Liberty is that anchor. I think they would be grieved to know that what divides us now, seems to be an unbreachable gulf that has averted our eyes from the REAL Enemy who wants to KILL us to politically correct ideas that only cause division.

We saw that enemy on Sunday.

This past weekend, I did something scary. I had the opportunity to speak with a beautiful woman who has been  my “arch nemesis”  in the political world. Megan Robertson, a lobbyist and activist for the LGBT community. I have a great deal of respect for her. She and I have much more in common than we both would probably care to admit. We are both passionate women who believe in the issues we stand for.

She is a staunch fighter and the face for the LGBT cause.

I am a staunch social Conservative who has dedicated my life for the conservative cause.

We each believe in our Cause. We both will probably fight for these issues until the day we draw our last breath. I can’t speak personally for Megan, but I know for me, I am who I am. I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage. The cause is worth the fight. I have a sun stopping passion to protect the unborn. My faith is as important to me as my next breath. My religious convictions run deep into my core and are unshakable.

However this is where I believe we’ve allowed the media to take over the conversation, and honestly, I believe it is time to take it back.

We have allowed them to translate convictions and deeply held beliefs into hate.

Disagreement does not mean I hate. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. My heart is compelled to love. Because I don’t agree with a lifestyle, does not mean I don’t love, and wouldn’t give my life for that person. I’ve not met a single American who wouldn’t have moved heaven and earth to protect those who were at the club Sunday night. Bible believing, gun tot’n, American citizens who didn’t care what ideology, lifestyle or background these folks came from. This is the America I know and love. It’s the America Milo Yiannopoulos , a gay man from Europe so eloquently warned us we are about to give away, as he spoke this week about the dangers of ISIS to the LGBT community. Milo gets it.

We are allowing those who “buy ink by the barrel” (aka the media) to simply poke, inflame, and divide our nation.  If I am honest with you, I’ve fallen for it too.

I am so deeply thankful I had the opportunity to speak with Megan this weekend, if even just for a moment. So many times we work so hard on our own issues that we forget that we are all simply human beings who at the core, just want to make the world a better place to live. I joked that this meeting on the convention floor was the photo op of the century. But in reality, I pray that it is a conversation that has just begun. We have a real enemy out there. That enemy hates freedom, liberty, and the american way of life. We are under attack by a greater enemy than we know, and that enemy plays for keeps.

We must find ground that we can agree


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