Urgent Alert: Sexual Orientation,Gender Identity (Bathroom Bill) set to pass in Goshen Indiana!

Here is what you can do to stop it...

Update: They have removed the SOGI ordinance from the agenda Tuesday due to health reasons of a council member. This is GREAT news! We have an extra week to call the mayor and council members!!!

STAY TUNED FOR THE HEARING UPDATE! We will let you know as soon as they announce it!

bathroomAs I warned a few weeks ago, the City of Goshen Indiana will attempt to add Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity to their anti discrimination law during a public hearing in the next couple of weeks. If you do business in Goshen, or live in this city it is important that you attend this meeting and speak out. This WILL impact you.

Action Plan from Advance America! Please call and email Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman (who will introduce the ordinance!) and all 7 members of the Goshen City Council with the following message,

“Please oppose the proposed ordinance which would give men legal access to women’s and girl’s restrooms, women’s dressing rooms and women’s shower areas in Goshen, and which would make it illegal for Christian business owners in Goshen to refuse to participate in a homosexual wedding ceremony. This is the wrong thing to do for Goshen!”  

Here are the numbers to contact: Download Flyer HERE

www.advanceamerica.com pdf Goshen Ordinance Action Bulletin.pdf

What is a SOGI?

Orientation sampleSOGI is sometimes referred to as the “bathroom bill.” According to the ADF Litigation Counsel, Christiana Holcomb, the definition of a SOGI is this:

SOGIs prohibit discrimination in the accommodations or facilities that are open to the public. Generally, breaking down the legalese, that’s gonna be bathrooms, locker rooms, shower facilities, any place in which individuals are in various states of undress. This means that an organization must allow its employees and the general public to access the bathrooms, locker rooms, shower facilities, etc… That accord with the sex that they choose, that they identify with, rather than their biological reality. Read the rest of the article.

It looks like a nice feel good fuzzy piece of work. However, words mean something. Take a minute to break a couple of these words down. What do they really mean? What do the words “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity” mean in practical terms? What happens when you add them to “employment opportunities” and “public accommodations?”  I did a simple search and found some of the definitions. Read the definitions here.

Adding gender identity to nondiscrimination ordinances forces public businesses to let patrons choose which restroom they will use. Biological males can access the women’s facilities, putting the privacy and safety of women and girls at risk.”  This should put terror in the hearts of moms in Indiana.- Alliance Defense Fund

There are many great resources about SOGI, but one of the best ones I have found talking about the health and safety aspect is from the Alliance Defending Freedom. Watch this 8 minute video describing the dangers of SOGI.

www.advanceamerica.com pdf Goshen Ordinance Actmion Bulletin.pdf

ADDING THIS LANGUAGE WILL: (taken from the Advance America’s flyer)

  • Give men, including sexual predators, (rapists and child molesters), legal access to women’s and girl’s restrooms, women’s dressing rooms and women’s shower areas placing women and children in Goshen at grave risk of harm!
  • Make it illegal for a Christian business owner (baker, florist, wedding planner, photographer, etc.) to refuse to participate in a homosexual wedding ceremony in Goshen!
  • Elevate sexual activity over religious freedom in Goshen!
  • Pave the way in the future for the government to punish churches and pastors in Goshen who believe that marriage should only be between one man and one woman!
  • Passing this ordinance in Goshen will help pave the way for passage of a statewide sexual orientation and gender identity law to harm citizens throughout the state!

The Goshen City Council will be voting on the sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance very soon. We will announce the time and location as soon as they release it. 


7460Don’t be bullied into a corner. Gather a group of like-minded people and go to the meetings. Call these city council members and the Mayor of Goshen. Prepare now for the battle at the Indiana Statehouse. The LGBT lobby has already told us to prepare for a fight. Take them at their word. I promise, you, they will deliver if you let them. PROACTIVELY PREPARE for it NOW.

Call your friends and family and ask them to get involved. 

  • District 1 Councilman Jim McKee 2359 Redspire Blvd. Goshen, IN 46526 574-534-6007 jimmckee@goshencity.com
  • District 2 Councilman Edward A. Ahlersmeyer II 1713 Amberwood Dr. Goshen, IN 46526 574-971-5039 edahlersmeyer@goshencity.com
  • District 3 Councilwoman Dixie Robinson 1106 Highland Dr. Goshen, IN 46528 574-533-4495 dixierobinson@goshencity.com
  • District 4 Councilwoman Julia A. Gautsche 601 S. 7th St. Goshen, IN 46526-4013 574-596-1632 (cell) juliagautsche@goshencity.com
  • District 5 Councilman Everett J. Thomas 1817 Woodgate Dr. Goshen, IN 46526-6456 574-533-6143 everettthomas@goshencity.com
  • Councilman at Large: Brett Weddell 2606 Salem Drive Goshen, IN 46526 574-533-2606 brettweddell@goshencity.com
  • Councilman at Large: Jeremy Stutsman 212 W. Jackson St. Goshen, IN 46526 574-536-6377 jeremystutsman@goshencity.com
  • Mayor of Goshen: Allan Kauffman 202 S. 5th St. Goshen, Indiana 46528 574-533-5168 (home) 574-533-9322 (work) Fax: 574-533-3074 allankauffman@goshencity.com

Download the flyer from Advance America and get it to your family, friends, and church!!! Download Here

Related article and copy of the language from the Goshen SOGI ordinance: Mommy there is a Man in my Bathroom.

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19 thoughts on “Urgent Alert: Sexual Orientation,Gender Identity (Bathroom Bill) set to pass in Goshen Indiana!

  1. This post is very biased and has an agenda of its own.. Please people educate yourself and read about the good changes such as these have done to other communities. They bring upon acceptance – not crime and sexual predators. Adding sexual orientation and gender identity simply means that these will be protected classes from discrimination and protection from hate crimes. As a gay person, if a store would turn me away simply for my sexual orientation I would gladly take my money elsewhere. Sure there are others that may take a different route, but scams and lawsuits happen all the time. So if you’re going to turn someone away because they’re gay just don’t be an asshole about it! Be nice and respectful and you’ll get the same in return. We’re humans too you can talk to us like so. And the whole bathroom nonsense… really? That is the most absurd thing I have heard. Please educate yourselves instead of only reading this page. This lady is really something else..