The gay and lesbian lobby in Indiana has made it perfectly clear that they are not satisfied with the “fix,” and are now working hard to pass sexual orientation, gender identity (SOGI) laws around the state of Indiana with the ultimate goal of passing a statewide SOGI. People of faith know what this means. It is an attack on religious liberty. It’s a direct attack on people of faith.

Our Republican super-majority has chosen to remain silent when asked if they are willing to protect religious liberty in the State of Indiana, by voting NO to any attempt to pass a SOGI. Pastors gathered in mass a few months ago to publicly ask this question Now it’s time for you, the constituents to ask them the same question.

Call your Representative (574-232-9600), Senator (317-232-9400), and the Governor (317-232-4567), and ask them this question.

“Will you protect my God-Given religious liberties by opposing all efforts to create a special-protected class status for sexual orientation and gender identity?”

If they can’t answer it with a yes or no, then we have a problem.

Let us know what you find out!

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