What does Gay Marriage in Indiana mean for Religious Liberty?

022714_texas_gay_marriageThis week, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in Indiana. By delaying any action on this issue, they enacted the lower court’s decision, legalizing homosexual marriage in eleven states including Indiana.  We knew it was coming and were preparing for this day.

While groups may be cheering, there is a great alarm that has just sounded in the hearts of Christians all over the nation.

We know what this means for our religious freedom.  We’ve watched cases fall like dominos across the nation where Christian businesses, colleges, and churches have come under fire for standing on Biblical principles. A recent case was in Oregon, where Sweet Cakes Bakery faces bankruptcy due to discrimination fines that total over $150,000.00. The crime?  They wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. It’s important to note, they would make any other kind of pastry, for any other event, just not a wedding cake. They held firmly to their Biblical belief of marriage, and because of this, face bankruptcy.

It’s hard to hear the grim reality of the situation through all the cheering. With gay marriage now legal in Indiana, where does this leave our Christian colleges? Will they be required to censor their beliefs in the name of tolerance, or fear of lawsuits? What happens with our bakeries, florists, bridal shops, wedding planners or Christian photographers?  What happens when a gay couple comes to your church and demands to use your church property for a wedding?

The opposition, and those who love to bury their heads in the sand  say it won’t happen, but the fact is, it’s already happening.

Just ask the Gilford family who owns Liberty Ridge Farm in New York. They’ve used their property for social functions including marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions. They were sued by a lesbian couple for not allowing use of their property for a wedding ceremony. There was permission for a reception, just not the blessing of a wedding ceremony. They were fined over $13,000.00, and no longer host any weddings. Oh yes, and they must attend re-education classes that impose the state’s view of same-sex marriage.

No one should be forced by the government or by another citizen to endorse or promote ideas with which they disagree Jim Campbell, ADF attorney

It’s time to stop pretending this is simply about letting 3% of the population hold same-sex wedding ceremonies and receptions.  It’s much bigger, and a direct attack on religious liberty. This particular issue is being used by the secular hard left to directly assault Christian churches, businesses and families.

Here is a story that came off the presses today from Lexington Kentucky. It’s probably the scariest statement I have ever read.

Commission says Christian business owners should leave religion at home. 

Just today, the Human Rights Commision in Lexington , Kentucky has a chilling message for business owners who refuse service to LGBT organizations: Leave your religion at home. 

It would be safe to do so, yes,” Executive Director Raymond Sexton told me. “Or in this case you can find yourself two years down the road and you’re still involved in a legal battle because you did not do so. (read more)

Do you know what this means folks?  It’s chilling.  No longer do we live in a free society that enjoys religious freedom or the free market. A priceless freedom that our founding fathers left their homeland to give us. This story should send chills down your spine. Here is the recommended punishment for Hands On Originals T-shirt company who violated a local ordinance against sexual orientation discrimination. 

The hearing examiner recommended the following punishment:

First, Hands On Originals cannot discriminate against individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In other words, the T-shirt company must service LGBT customers – no questions asked.

The examiner also ordered Adamson to attend “diversity training” conducted by – wait for it – the Lexington Human Rights Commission.

Take just a moment and let that sink in – a Christian business owner is being ordered to attend diversity training – because of his religious beliefs. That’s a pretty frightening concept and a mighty dangerous precedent.

Closer to home

Voters, you need to decide now where you stand. Right here in District 22, you have democrat, David Kolbe, running for State Representative, who according to Advance America’s voters’ guide believes churches should be regulated. He also believes, just as Ms. Kubacki and Ms. Heuer did, that Hoosiers should not have the opportunity to vote on marriage.

This should ring warning bells all across the district. As for me… I will vote for the man who will protect religious freedom, not for someone based on personality or empty words.  Thankfully we have that choice. Republican Curt Nisly will stand up for District 22 and do what’s right for his constituents and protect religious freedom.

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One thought on “What does Gay Marriage in Indiana mean for Religious Liberty?

  1. The three 7th circuit court judges who ruled that Indiana’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional were: Richard Posner, appointed in 1981 by Ronald Reagan (a vocal proponent of gay marriage); Ann Claire Williams, appointed in 1991 by Bill Clinton; David F. Hamilton, appointed by Obama in 2009.