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 After reading Monica’s book “NOT ON MY WATCH!”, I felt compelled to do what I can for my country. My first recollection of liberties being taken from us was in the 60’s when they took prayer out of the schools..and I, as a working mother, sat back and let it happen and never opened my mouth to express my feelings about that..so, here we are 2013..and our country is a mess!  I am here to do what I can, as an individual and trying to encourage others along the way. Thank you, Monica!! YOU are my inspiration!!! – Linda


NOT ON MY WATCH…an amazing and inspiring book. Thank God someone like Monica will take time our of her life to fight for our country. It is easy to set back and let someone else do the fighting. Her book made me realize, I cannot let her fight alone. In the book Pat Miller said “The reason we are gathered her today is because of former patriots who died for the cause of freedom. It is our duty to pay it forward.” I then realized it was my turn. If a mom of four can do it..I can do it. I am going to be a candidate for the Republican County Chairman. I have to do what I can to change my part of the world. I have to pay it forward. -Barbara, Wabash


Your book “Not On My Watch” has been a inspiration to me. I’m just a guy from main street, But after reading your book on how you took on an entrenched incumbent US Senator and won, has inspired me. Thank you for your hard work. -Robert M King


We picked up the book from you at a very powerful rally in Auburn, just prior to the election. Read it, and the many different things you were going through, and your ever growing relationship with Jesus Christ during this period of your life. Awesome, you are an inspiration to many out here. Monica, you and your group are so much on the right track.Please keep it up!! Ron~Aubrun


I read and read and read late into the night last night. I was lucky enough to find one book left at Tree of Life yesterday. Monica, I am quoting the phrase that jumped off the page and smacked me right between the eyes, “One of the tools I learned from my pastor is God loves us to use our gifts, talents, and abilities. Productivity come from people who work in their niche.”
The significance of this is that anyone can help change the course of history by working in their niche with talent, financial support, and the most powerful of all prayer. Too many people don’t see their role as prayer warrior being their niche, but it it! If you can’t march putting feet on the ground, march by putting knees on the ground. Thank you and the others who have put feet to faith and have carried the flag for the rest of us. I personally feel a sense of shame that I have left the standard bearing to others. My everlasting gratitude to you and the others in Silent No More. This book is a recommended read for anyone who still believes in grassroots and States Rights. Thank you. ~Pamela, Claypool

Not on My Watch is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. Monica has shown us that with God ALL things are possible if we just put our trust in Him. It also helped me realize that all of us, no matter how insignificant we sometimes feel, can make a difference if we just stand strong for the things that we believe in. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to be encouraged, uplifted and motivated!!~Sue,Indianapolis


Monica’s book, Not On My Watch, challenged me to actually step out in faith and obey God.  Surely the God who sacrificed His Son for me can be trusted. ~Craig, Warsaw


You ARE a very gifted author.  I just completed reading your book.  I laughed, I cried, I learned, but mostly I am so very happy to know you as a fellow Patriot!  KSNM has taught me so much…… local/national government officials, the political process, and about what focused Christians can accomplished when they are on a Mission from God. I truly hope you know how wonderful your book is for us “baby Patriots.  -Marilyn, Leesburg


Not on My Watch encouraged me to keep relying on God. It stretched me and challenged me to live every moment for the reason I was created.-Andy,Daton


This book made me realize that I need to get involved. If a mom of four children can help change the world and not be afraid, then why am I afraid to get involved? This book is encouraging and inspiring. I purchased a copy for all of my family members for Christmas! -Josiah, Mobile


Fierce. Righteous. Moving. And down-to-earth. Armed with the Constitution in one hand and the Bible in the other, Monica Boyer has chronicled her journey as a mom fighting for the soul of her country in a way that can’t help but make you suck in your breath in awe. Yes, it’s true: One person CAN, and DOES make a difference. I’m so proud of this lady I don’t even know how to put it in words– and words are my craft. What’s great about this book is that it just flows, kind of like you were chatting over a cup of coffee. But at the same time that I read it, I couldn’t help but think how I felt the first time I flew in a plane over the Statue of Liberty– and immediately, Monica Boyer’s image also came to mind, and I couldn’t help but place her face on that statue. She’s the epitome of what life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should mean for all Americans. And with four kids, a husband, a job, church responsibilities, and a life of her own just like you and me, Monica has proven that indeed it IS possible to have all those responsibilities and fight for your country too. This book should be distributed in every school for every child to read, so they can see what true patriotism is.  -Cindy, Chicago



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