When Religion Surrenders to Tyranny

Many, if not most religious people I know have lost the will to fight. They have lost hope. When you lose hope, you surrender to tyranny and give up the fight. You become impotent. This is the state of the American Christian today.


We heard the declaration of war sound with a crash in Indiana as the politicians caved to LGBT demands to shut the mouths of anyone who got in the way of their agenda to force their lifestyle on the population. Today, we watched the same tyrannical practice play out in the state of Georgia, as the governor vowed to veto a bill that would simply:

  • 10358871_813085328744758_5467033581400981203_nProtect a pastor from being forced to perform a gay wedding against his will.
  • Protect religious organizations from being forced to host gay weddings against their will.
  • Protect religious organizations from being forced to hire someone who opposes their fundamental tenets, beliefs, and goals.

Yes, one BOO from Hollywood, and this Governor cow-tailed to a lobby who now has taken over our culture, and has now officially declared war on the American Church.

The church sleeps.

While the attack on the church claims more and more territory, the pulpits are busy cleansing their sermons of any political incorrectness in order to prevent the people from leaving the church. Friends, we have reached a crisis point. The sheep are NOT ready for what’s ahead. The enemy is now in the camp, and we are so terrified of him we end up feeding him in hopes that he is too full to have “Fried Christian” for his snack.

It’s the only thing we know to do. We desperately need to understand that if we are not grounded in the Word of God we WILL be the next snack. The only thing that keeps hope alive is by feeding on the Word of God constantly. It’s critical in the day we are living in. It gives hope. It gives courage. It gives wisdom. When we are not anchored to the Word of God, we begin to make up our own gospel that conveniently takes the path of least resistance.

In other words, a passive gospel.

Nowhere in scripture do I see passivity. I simply don’t. When I read about the heroes of the faith, I’ve not seen any moment where they sat together singing Kumbaya in a rocking chair waiting for Jesus to come back. Today the pews and stadiums are packed full of passive people who are doing just that. Biding the time “waiting for Jesus to come back.”  Passive.

If the founders of this nation, had lived with this passivity, I don’t believe we’d be living in a country where we enjoy this precious liberty. Namely, religious liberty. Can you imagine our founders acting like the current day politicians?

513292147-pencil_erasing_word_mistake-resized-600Why has my generation become passive?

Religious freedom is being stripped away faster than we know… yet we say nothing!  We don’t want to talk about it.

Is it because of technology?  We have everything we want right at our fingertips. When you think about it (and we were honest), why WOULD we fight? Most Americans don’t even open their Bibles after they leave the church on Sunday (if they even open them Sunday).

Knowing this, it makes sense why we won’t stand up and defend religious freedom… after all… you don’t fight for something you don’t use.

I want to believe if most Americans knew how close we were to losing our First Amendment rights, they would rise up and fight for it. But something deep inside of me believes even if they knew, they still wouldn’t fight because Americans have lost faith. We’ve decided following Christ is too hard. We’ve decided it is easier to change the meaning of Scripture to fit our lifestyle than follow it–and live Holy lives.

We have become white washed temples filled with nothing but the latest fad, the most money, and politically correct lingo.

Our churches are full of people… but void of power.

In order to fight in a battle, a warrior must have something he is willing to give his life for. For the 20th century Christian, this battlefield looks much different than the heroes of the past. Instead of fighting the enemy, we negotiate. We’ve trade things like religious freedom, holiness, liberty, even our spiritual armor (which isn’t politically correct anymore) for better cars, smart phones, jam packed calendars, pride, bigger churches and bigger houses.

We’ve been tricked.

We’ve become weaponless.

Warriors without armor.

The enemy has come in like wolves among the sheep and he’s feasting till his heart’s content. Our shepherds see the massacre but they are too weak to do anything about it.

Here is what I believe.

790_4550262God has placed within us, a desire for a Savior, a desire for liberty, and a desire for holiness. I believe there is a remnant that God has been preparing for battle. I believe they are spread out all over our nation, sitting in our churches just waiting for this day to rise up. Some have been sitting in dead, lifeless churches, who God will use to give the final warning cry before He removes his hand of protection.

Things are about to get very bad for the American Church. We’ve lived in a time, where serving Christ has been relatively easy. The worst we’ve seen is squabbles between denominations, and gentle pokes here and there. We’ve not experienced the persecution that’s about to happen on our soil.

If it hasn’t happened already, we are quickly crossing the line where, to serve Christ will mean isolation and persecution. We are seeing spineless politicians like the ones in Indiana and Georgia cave at the first threat of economic terrorism. Our culture is now controlled by Hollywood.

<<Don’t EVER depend on a politician to protect your freedom. It is YOUR job. It’s OUR job.>>

This is depressing, however, here is the good news. The remnant is about to engage. They are about to step in to fight, and the real church is about to step out of the pews and take their place. They are about to awaken the masses and those who wish to continue to play church, twist scripture, and play games will be blown away like chaff is blown away from the wheat. What will thrive from that is the true church that will not bow to tyranny.

Religious people have lost the will to fight, because they have lost the Savior to whom we fight for.

They’ve given up. Idols have become their savior.

We have entered the eleventh hour. It’s not too late. I believe the power of God is awakening and stirring the remnant. I believe the fire is heating up the seats in our churches. The people are starting to realize how malnourished they have become. The remnant is throwing away the self help books and opening the Word of God in preparation for the battle.

The remnant knows they are preparing for a battle worth fighting. They are putting on the armor of God in ADVANCE.

Dead–sold-out–politically correct religion in America is about to go head-to-head with the Creator of the Universe Himself.

This is why it is so important that we grow tough skin NOW. Most will compromise and walk away after the first name thrown at them. Most are so frozen by fear, that they can’t even shine a light on social media. These are the people the enemy CAN’T WAIT to meet in the center of the battle field.

Toughen up… Remember why you fight. Remember who your enemy is.

For the past few years, we’ve been in training. If you’ve not done so, get a crash course on how to fight!  (The first half of Daniel is a great place to start.)

Religion will eventually surrender to tyranny if people choose silence. The good news is, God is not afraid of tyranny. His truth will prevail no matter who is in charge. The bad news is… if we don’t speak out now, it may cost us our lives this side of heaven.

If you are one of those sitting in the pews who’ve never picked up your armor. Let me encourage you… now is the time.

Before it is too late.

Are you a part of the remnant?

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