Womanhood, purity and modesty. Are those days gone?

th (1)The buzz around the water cooler this am.

The buzz on your news-feed.

“Did Miley Cyrus go too far?”   In fact, conveniently, the story pushed out coverage of the warships moving towards Syria and the middle east which is on fire.

Two months ago we had our cable removed from our home.  When I canceled, the groveling lady who was I spoke with pretty much told me if I did not leave they would continue to filter the cesspool of muck into my home for FREE!   I told her, “Ma’m, I have a very specific message for you to deliver to your network DISNEY.  You can inform them that THEY are the reason we are leaving.  When they decided to comply to the gay agenda and bring in a gay couple on the show  “Good Luck Charlie”  We made our final exit. She said, Well, I am sorry to hear about that, but how about if I give you two years free?”

Most parents with their heads screwed on tightly  would never have permitted their children to watch last nights display of shame, but in my years of fighting for the family, I know that’s not the case. The TV and entertainment have become our god that we leave unfiltered and un-monitored.

My heart breaks for our children. When I was asked my reaction of last night,  truthfully it was not anger. All that came to me was an OVERWHELMING SADNESS.  Sadness that this precious girl is lost. Sadness that this girl has chosen to cheaply sell her body for a few minutes of fame.  Sadness that she has chosen this path. I wonder, does she have a mother, a family, a friend, a mentor who could have stepped in to say, Honey, you are beautiful, you don’t need to choose this path? I don’t know her history, or her support system, but something has gone desperately wrong.

Everyone knows our society has traded in its soul for a new reality of sin and sodomy.  That is not news.

I am deeply grieved that we as women have stepped aside in mentoring our daughters and teaching about purity, how precious modesty is. We have let MTV take over our jobs.  When I saw this display and as a mom, I just wanted to grab her, wrap a blanket around her and tell her that she is beautiful, that modesty and purity is something to be treasured.  If I had 10 minutes with Miley, I probably would just wrap my arms around her and say…”you are loved, sweet sweet girl”

Are we as women taking our place when it comes to teaching our children?  Sometimes I look around and see us dressing in ways that make us think we look “cool” to the younger generation.  Sometimes I see us caving when it comes to buying clothes for our daughters that reveal more, or draw eyes to parts of their bodies that should be saved. We blame it on the fact that there are no options out there.  MAYBE IT IS TIME TO DEMAND CLOTHING OPTIONS?  Maybe I am more sensitive to this as I am trying to raise Godly young men and cringe every spring when I walk into service and see short skirts, strapless dresses and yes, lace and strings sticking out where they should not be.

If we as women, mothers and mentors can’t get it, how are our girls going to understand purity and the priceless innocence of womanhood?    I challenge my women readers to take our place in leading the future generation of girls.

Teach them that it is OK to blush.  

Teach them that they are priceless as pure women.

Teach them that it is OK to stand up for their bodies as their own.

Teach them to cover themselves.

Teach them to save themselves as a gift for their future husbands.

Women, have we dropped the ball?  Have we assumed that others will do our jobs?  If so, let this be a lesson for us to step it up and protect our daughters and those who look up to us.

It is time to bring back the beauty of purity.

Dads play a part in this as well.  In fact, I will never forget watching a family shopping with their teenage daughter at a department store one day.  The girl stepped out from the dressing room after each dress she would try on.   Her dad would have her jump up and down, and touch her toes to make sure nothing bounced out or stuck out in places it shouldn’t.  I saw many frowns towards this dad, and I am sure the girl was embarrassed. The girl kept glancing over at her mother in hopes to be rescued.  Her mom did the right thing and just directed those eyes back to dad and let him lead.  That dad was a hero to me.  His little girl will never know how much she was loved at that very moment.

Parents, step up and let your children know how much you love them… enough to draw boundaries… enough to have the courage to parent… to be a living example of who Jesus is… even if it means you are not friends for a while.

Miley,  precious girl, my prayer for you is that God will bring you a woman who will speak truth and life  to your spirit.  My prayer is that you have not been completely snatched by the enemy, and that someone will be Jesus to you in this moment when you need Him desperately.

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2 thoughts on “Womanhood, purity and modesty. Are those days gone?

  1. Good comments, but I don’t think your prayer says what you want it to – we DO WANT her to be completely snatched from the enemy, and/or pray that she is not completely snatched/captured BY the enemy.