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Prepare Hoosiers, it's coming here....unless you act NOW.

Well, when we first heard of this report, we wondered whether it was a hoax or a misunderstanding of a situation. But we verified that the New York City Commission on Human Rights has recently released new guidelines to clarify their definition of gender and gender discrimination, which we declare are based on man’s fallible opinions (and go against the obvious natural order of things), and not the Word of God.

These guidelines provide explicit examples of what the Commission calls violations of the law, such as the following:

  • Intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun or title. For example, repeatedly calling a transgender woman “him” or “Mr.” after she has made clear which pronouns and title she uses.
  • Refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun, or title because they do not conform to gender stereotypes. For example, calling a woman “Mr.” because her appearance is aligned with traditional gender-based stereotypes of masculinity.
  • Requiring a transgender or gender non-conforming individual to provide proof of their gender in order to access the appropriate single-sex program or facility.

If these new guidelines are violated, the punishment could be a civil penalty of $125,000 or $250,000 for “violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct.” Transgender people do not want to conform to their biological gender, and these new guidelines have been written because there are some that want to force others to accommodate this regardless of what they believe. Source: You May Be Fined in NYC for Calling Someone the “Wrong” Pronoun | Answers in Genesis

Why does this matter in Indiana?

1929699_1126441444040187_1219360384900425835_nThis is New York crazy land right? All you have to do is stay away from New York, or if you must go… Speak to ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!

This would NEVER happen in a conservative state like Indiana!


Think again friends. The Indiana General Assembly will be debating this kind of legislation beginning this week. The Republican led super-majority decided they’d like to dance with liberals to become relevant. The “cool” kids are ALL passing this kind of tyrannical legislation, so why not Indiana? The liberal media awaits in eager anticipation of the big CAVE by the GOP. They think have shamed them into compliance.

With Senator David Long’s blessing, the GOP introduced SB100 which will have massive impact to our religious freedom, small business owners who want to live according to the dictates of their conscience, and to the health and safety of our women and children.

The link between New York’s nutty regulations and Indiana is an un-elected commission.  In New York, it is called the Commission on Human Rights. In Indiana, it is called the Indiana Civil Rights Commission.  These bureaucrats have regulatory authority to enact fines at their pleasure.

As Dr. Peter Scaer stated,

In order to make this (adding Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity to law) work, the Republicans will establish a permanent “Civil Rights” commission, This unelected and unaccountable tribunal would have the power to issue subpoenas, compel attendance, issue citations of contempt and create advisory agencies and conciliation councils.

He continued:

And now we see clearly how this all works. In the state of New York a similarly fashioned commission has now imposed a $250,000 fine on anyone who does not fully recognize Transgender rights.

Who will be subject to such a fine?

  1. Those who restrict restrooms, locker rooms, or showers based on biological sex.
  2. Those companies that engage in sex stereotyping, i.e., ask that their male employees not wear dresses.
  3. Those who impose different dress codes based on sex.
  4. Failing to recognize a person’s preferred pronoun. Bruce Jenner is a she, no matter what or else. Furthermore, it’s a no-no to require male employees to wear ties. According to the law, employers must provide insurance for sex change, and “transgender health care.”

SOGI laws are not about protecting rights, but destroying lives and silencing opposition.

Indiana lawmakers are playing with fire. If they continue down this road, they will find themselves back in the minority and searching for private sector jobs. Hoosiers are tired of our Constitutional rights being stripped away one law at a time. They are tired of their liberty and safety surrendered to an enemy who will not quit until the chains of tyranny firmly bound.

It is time to stop trying to be relevant and start trying to be men and women who stick to their principles.

What can you do? Here are 10 things:

  1. Talk to your churches about what is happening in the GOP of Indiana. Talk to everyone who will listen to you.
  2. Sign the online petition to stop it. or Hand out out a hard copy of the petition at your churches, synagogues, heck, have people sign standing in the grocery line!IndianaLawmakersProtectReligiousFreedomVoteNOonSpecialRights
  3. Call your lawmaker and let them know you don’t care WHAT party he/she is in.. you will vote them out if they vote for ANY form of this. Let us know what they say.
  4. Tag your lawmaker publicly on FB and Twitter and ask them if/why they support this attack on your liberty. Ask them to be a CHAMPION for LIBERTY, and not just sit and watch the liberal left bully us into submission again.
  5. Begin to look for primary opponents for anyone who is thinking of voting for SB 100 or ANY bill like it. We will have to replace many GOP members. Filing deadline is in February. Begin to search now… prepare to primary them.
  6. Follow the Indiana Religious Freedom Alliance to follow this issue closely.
  7. Ask your pastor to join the Indiana Pastors Alliance to unite with other likeminded shepherds who have the courage to protect their flocks.
  8. Speak out and UNITE. Don’t walk through this alone. You will be labeled a hater, bigot, and unkind. Know this and STAND. There is power in numbers.
  9. Pray like you have never prayed before. This is a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of our country. Commit to praying and fasting for the next several months.
  10. Share this message multiple times via social media, and forward it to everyone you can think of.


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