You must celebrate gay rights… or else. signed, Obama’s pen

imagesI saw it coming about five years ago when the state was trying to push all licensed day care homes into “accreditation” and a “four star rating system.” It sounded fuzzy and great, until you peeled back the layers of the tolerance, sex saturated curriculum.

I sat in class after class where we were told we could not teach about Jesus for fear of offending a child. I was given book lists chalked full of sex, such as “Heather has two Mommies” and “King & King.” We were told to prepare for the times. We were told if we wanted to have “four stars” on the door of our daycare we had best comply, and hey, here is a couple of special grants and nice little dollar signs for you if you do!

Parents, who would not want a four star daycare? They must be the top of the line right? Everyone else will give you sub par care! No, it was the beginning to the attack of our religious freedom. I got out of the business before they could force me into compliance, but today, with the stroke of a pen, Barack Obama has officially forced you to swallow his homosexual agenda whether you like it or not.

Redstate reported it this way…

He With a Pen and a Phone will sign an executive order today forcing all private companies with government contracts to adopt policies giving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender applicants special protection.  There is no exemption for religious beliefs or conscience, except in the very narrow case of “ministerial” employment (clergy).

Most large, for profit companies already have non-discrimination policies, and most of them have detailed gender identity protections.  Even most small companies that deal with the government are used to hiring quotas, 8A requirements, and other federal red tape.  This executive order is targeted at one group in particular: non-profits.

It means that non-profit, religious groups, such as church-based daycare centers, adoption services, and soup kitchens will, in order to receive federal money, be forced to hire transgender and cross-dressing men and women, who don’t agree with the organization’s own values.  In fact, they’ll be forced to hire people who work against the organization’s values and conscience.

Obama’s signature will accomplish by fiat much of what the failed ENDA legislation would have done, with two key differences.  ENDA had broad exemptions which were negotiated into the latest drafts, which would protect most religious organizations from having their core values violated, and ENDA would have applied nationally, across the board.  (read more here)

Todd Starnes from Fox news went on to say this:

The executive order would prevent Christian and other religious organizations with federal contracts from requiring workers to adhere to the tenets of their religious beliefs. And that includes religious Christian colleges and universities that provide financial aid to students… (read the rest here)

I know, my blog reaches many pew warmers who will say, “Monica, stop being dramatic, if you take government dollars, you get government rules.”  To that, they are right, but what I think we are missing is the microscope view of what really happened today.

Drill down. What Obama said is, you can go inside your church doors and quietly sit as bigots and intolerant, unlikable people, but when you come out, you must comply with the king’s orders. Comply or lose your funding. What is that funding?  Here are some examples.

  • School loans
  • Relief projects
  • Charity
  • Childcare services for low-income families
  • Adoptions
  • If gov’t dollars touch it, you comply

This is big. Government dollars touch us in every aspect of our lives. Much more than a tax status here and a tax status there. We come into contact with it every day. Yes, they will eventually come after the tax status of the church too,(that is another post for another day when we will see the wheat separated from the chaff right before our eyes) but today it hits our personal lives as Eric Erickson says so many times, “You will be forced to care.” 

So how do we live in these times?

  1. Wake up.  Watch the news. See what is happening around you. You are not in Kansas anymore.
  2. Know where you stand.  Many people choose not to look at what is happening around them because they don’t even know what they believe?   How can you take a stand when you don’t know what the Bible says?   Learn it now. Memorize it.
  3. Decide now if the consequences are worth the cost?  Are you ready to lose your job? Are you ready to lose everything you have for the cause of Christ?  Are you willing to compromise the Word of God?  Decide NOW before it gets to your door.
  4. Grow some thick skin.  You WILL be called names.  You will be mocked. Know what you believe and stand on it. Let the fiery darts from even you friends hit your shield of faith. Come on folks. Toughen your skin!
  5. Decide to engage and help those who are willing to fight for Religious Liberty. Not only the federal level, but the state level.  Call your Representative and ask him/her to support a Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It is critical that we play offense instead of defense.  There is not a question as to “if” it is coming.  It’s WHEN.

I agree with Peter Sprigg, the Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, when he said “The mask is coming off the homosexual movement’s agenda. They really do not believe in religious liberty. They want forced affirmation of homosexual and transgender conduct to trump every other consideration in the workplace– including religious liberty.”

Where do you stand Christians?

Will you stand?

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