The faith of Barronelle Stutzman

One wish I have for the American Church

If I could have one wish, it might surprise you what it is. It’s not a Presidential election that turns out the way I want. It’s not unbridled liberty. It’s not wealth or fame. It’s one thing. I would wish for the opportunity to introduce you to a precious woman named Barronelle Stutzman. I could have anything… […]

The Battlefield and Sideline Parenting

Who wins?

The floodgates are open. The alarm has sounded. The enemy has declared war on the family. The battle lines are drawn, and the beat of the drums is so close we can feel the vibrations pulse in our bones. The war has begun and the enemy is within the direct line of sight. We have […]

Who is your neighbor?

When politics and mission converge.

Who is your neighbor? What happens when your neighbor doesn’t fit in your “life” box? Honestly… that’s where I stand today. What happens when I find a passion and love for a people group that does not fit in my political ideology. What do I do with this nudge that has become a passionate love, […]

Dr. Boyer’s prescription and pre-op instructions to remove liberal chaos.

It really is simple.

You are feeling sick are you? The world is spinning out of control and your family has come down with the bug of apathy? Uhggg! I see so many of these cases in my office!  The good news is, you’re at the right place!  Welcome to Dr. Boyer’s office! Coffee is brewing, go ahead and […]

Five Ways to Drain the Indiana Swamp.

'Gators -n-Crocs' eviction notice.

Hoosiers all across the state of Indiana are watching with relief as the Indiana General Assembly comes to a close. This was a session unlike any other I have seen the past 15 years. Out of control “Republican” lawmakers plugged their ears to their constituency, and shredded the GOP platform. Thankfully, it is nearly over […]

Morning coffee with my President.

An open letter from a Hoosier mom.

Dear President Trump, I’m just a mom. I don’t have an awesome college degree. I’m not a political strategist who sees five dimensional election projects. I can’t add up all the statistics of who’s in and who is out, based on districts. I’m just a conservative Hoosier mom who wants to wake other moms up […]

SHUT UP and Bake the Ca… I mean SING THE SONG, BIGOT!

How the left suddenly changed tunes!

The liberal-left suddenly finds their so called “tolerant” BAKE THE CAKE, BIGOT philosophy leaving a bitter taste in their mouth now that the tables have turned. It seems Hollywood and the liberals who flock to them, don’t have a liking for our new president, or our country for that matter. When invited to use their talents […]

Five things I learned from a gay man.

The real enemy is not who you think it is.

Last week my phone buzzed at about eight o’clock in the morning. Sleepily, I thought to myself,  “Oh,  @realDonaldTrump,  I’ll read your tweet right after I hit the snooze button just one more time… give me 5 more minutes, and I’ll be ready for what you have to say!” But I resisted the urge and […]

The number one toxic ingredient to the Trump Administration.

There is one ingredient that will make or break the Trump presidency. If added, it will bring thriving success… if left out, it will destroy his legacy or even worse…destroy this nation. Before I talk about that ingredient, let me award each one of you a Medal of Honor for surviving the past two years […]

Females and Firearms 101

Top 10 things women want gun stores to know before we shop.

I attended the SHE Expo this weekend in Fort Wayne with ONE purpose in mind. Single focused, and on a mission, I grabbed my daughter and we headed out!   We skated past the vendors who wanted to update my home with “free estimates” for brand new windows. Even the sparkles coming from the jewelry booths […]