Hoosiers flood the Indiana Statehouse to put Lawmakers on Notice.

Religious Freedom is worth Standing up for.

Last Tuesday, November 17th, approximately 1400 Hoosiers flooded to the Indiana Statehouse led by the Indiana Pastors Alliance to officially put their lawmaker on notice. Busloads from all over the state took the day off work and poured in on this rainy day literally bottlenecking security. Our little town brought two Cardinal busloads, joined by […]

Ogden on Politics: Defeat of Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is a Lesson for Hoosiers as State Considers Similar Legislation

If an expansion of civil rights fails in liberal Houston, it seems less than clear that it would prevail in conservative Indiana.  But unlike Houston, the issue in Indiana will probably be decided by elected officials rather than considered directly by the voters at the polls.  Ironically Republican Governor Mike Pence, the scourge of the LGBT community because of […]

How Can this Be? Indiana, Best Business State in America

.... but wait Chicken Little, the sky isn't falling?

For all the talk of Indiana being “hurt” by the RFRA ordeal this spring, and the need for us to repair our image with businesses via pro-homosexual, “non-discrimination” policies, objective analysis says something totally different. A new study from the Pacific Research Institute took a look at all 50 states through what they call their […]

No Man Can Serve Two Masters

... It's decision time church.

I thank the Lord in heaven for courageous and vocal pastors like Rev. Peter Scaer. There are so many church leaders today who are simply going through the motions, playing church, constantly worried about the latest technology and the best way to “market” the church. While these are not necessarily bad things, the enemy is […]

The Relationship between Prophets and Kings

FIVE Keys in Making Politicians More Accountable

Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man! Thus says the LORD God of Israel: ‘I anointed you king over Israel, and I delivered you from the hand of Saul. I gave you your master’s house and your master’s wives into your keeping, and gave you the house of Israel and Judah. And if […]

Does your loyalty belong to GOD or the GOP?

This morning my bible study group discussed the word “loyal.” We are studying the book of Daniel which is a literal picture of that word!  As the the room lit up with chatter, ladies excited to learn more, and dig deeper, this word suddenly grew a life of its own to me. Each of us had come […]

An open letter to the Indiana General Assembly.

There is no compromise. The attack on Religious Freedom MUST stop!

Dear GOP Lawmaker, Word on the street says there are many backroom deals happening between your leadership, big business, and lobbyists to discuss the agenda of the upcoming legislative session. Some have even hinted at a potential compromise from the GOP. The topic?  <<cue the moral preening>> “It’s time.”  It’s time to pass the famous anti-discrimination (aka SOGI) […]

GOP should stand against Planned Parenthood

Or answer to the Voters...

  We hear repeatedly from the Republican establishment that the fight to defund Planned Parenthood has no path to victory. Any attempt to strip funding will be stonewalled by Senate Democrats, who will shut down the government and blame Republicans. Better not to fight, we are told, for consequences in 2016 will be grave. Such […]

Religious Liberty, Abortion and My Vote:

The Gathering Storm

The following is a post from Dr. Peter J. Scaer. I think it’s important that every person who believes in the cause of religious liberty read and then read again. Please read this and share it with every friend you know. He said the following:  For years, I’ve been pretty single minded when it comes […]

The impossible prayer life of a busy mom.

How to pray without ceasing while standing in peanut butter and jelly.

Moms, grab your coffee and sit down for a second. No really, put down the Windex and take a break! Let’s talk about prayer. How many of you have a deep desire to grow closer to Jesus and have this amazing, sun-stopping prayer life that turns our families upside down and inside out? The sermons […]